Top 15 Modern baby boy names 2022

What’s up guys, we all looking for modern names for our baby’s either boys or girls so in this article share with you the Top 15 Modern baby boy names with meaning so that you easily choose your baby name and also we share baby names by religion so you can read these articles.

Top 15 Modern baby boy names 2022

Top 15 Modern baby boy names

We listed below 15 Modern baby boy names.

Name Meaning
Jibreel Name of the Angel
Michael Name of the Angel
Ashman Son of sun
Adair fortunate and powerful
Bishr Happiness
Connor Over of hounds
Cordero Lamb
Israel son of Abraham
Tamim Prophet companion
Ebadaah Prayer to the omniscient God
Hammad One who praises
Usaama Lion
Jone Prophet name
Idrees Prophet name
Jacob Prophet name

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